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by team Tinja


What do we do

We offer a solution/platform which easily and instantly provides an answer on suitability of a particular location for solar panels installation. In addition, we provide a connectivity platform for solar panels installment companies and young people without a job; offering them cooperation with eventually reaching mutual benefits. Our aim is to help community become prosperous and sustainable.

How it works

The platform itself is user friendly and intuitive. As a first step on the platform, visitor states his postal/zip code and declares himself as a homeowner, unemployed person, or owner of a company which deals with solar panels installments. After the initial step, additional menu appears, depending on how a visitor presented himself.

Homeowners get the information on how suitable stated location (based on the zip code stated initially) for solar panels instalment is, with the information being provided on interactive map.

Unemployed young people post their CVs and job applications; while at the same time company owners of solar panels installments companies are posting job vacancies. Connecting those two groups solves main issues for both of those- unemployed people get the chance to get a job while company owners get a possibility to select most suitable candidates for educating them into becoming solar panel professionals.

Tool Type

Is this a Government Tool, a Citizen Tool, a Collaboration Tool?

Core Team

Who are the core team members, their roles, and contact information (i.e. Github profile)?

  • Arthur
  • Peter
  • Mihajlo
  • Kaja
  • Nikolina
  • Mario

Primary Stakeholders

Who are the primary stakeholders in this project? Who is invested in it's success?

Primary User Stories

What needs does this project address, for each stakeholder

Goals and Outcomes

What are the desired outcomes and how will you measure them this project? A summary may also be added

Resources Needed

Data we have:

  • Unemployment rate
  • Number of sunny days for 20 cities in Croatia- historical data
  • Subsidies for sustainable energy installments (general information)
  • ZIP codes of Croatian cities
  • Locations of registered companies that do solar panel instillments

Data we need:

  • Unemployment rate per city and municipality on a country level
  • Historical weather data (3 years back) for all the cities in Croatia
  • Exact and precise subsidies for sustainable energy installments, solar panels in particular- on a country level, municipality level, and on a city level (if these exist)
  • Court register of companies in Croatia, which are registered as solar panel installment companies
  • Register of licensed solar panel installers
  • Data on all licenses needed for solar panel legal installments (current legislation, future legislation)

Potential Blockers

What are the possible problems, issues, and blockers


An approximate timeline for each phase of the project

History and Context

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Any references, data sources, articles, additional documents, etc.

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