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LoBI (Local Business Initiative) is an online platform where citizens can support their local community. By financially supporting local projects initiated by individuals or NGOs, donators get, as a reward, discount coupons to spend on local products. As such, LoBI stands as a local network for businesses and a donation platform for citizens, thus consolidating bonds within the local community.

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Core Team

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  • Pierre
  • William
  • Elvira
  • Zrinka
  • Goran

Primary Stakeholders

Who are the primary stakeholders in this project? Who is invested in it's success?

Primary User Stories

What needs does this project address, for each stakeholder

Goals and Outcomes

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Resources Needed

Data we have:

  • Local craft register in France
  • Association register in France
  • Business register in Pula
  • Association register in Croatia
  • Geographical data from OpenStreetMap

Data we need:

  • Business register in Croatia in a reusable format
  • Craft register in Croatia in reusable format
  • Family farm register in France and in Croatia

Potential Blockers

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History and Context

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Any references, data sources, articles, additional documents, etc.

Presentation: LoBI - Pepses

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